Web Developer Problem Solver Lover of Technology



BYU Graduate, majored in Information Technology and minored in Computer Science and Business.

My passion is finding new ways that technology can solve problems.

In my spare time, I'm either building a website, answering questions on Stack Overflow or taking apart a computer.



Chroma Flow

A color mixing puzzle game, where you must redirect streams of color to their targets.

Rithmatist Game

A multiplayer drawing strategy game based on the book The Rithmatist. Players must use their drawing skills in order to defeat their opponent. Watch the trailer or some gameplay


This application was a proof of concept application meant to help with serving legal documents. It was later deployed and used by the Twentieth Judicial Circuit of Michigan

NPM modules

All of the NPM modules I have created, ranging from drawn shape recognition to 2D density algorithms

Personal Blog

My personal blog, where I explore software development concepts and write tutorials. Read to find out more about my latest projects and research.

Full Portfolio

I have lots of projects that I have worked on, either in school or on my own. If you want to see more check it out!